Speedo and BUCS Short Course Swimming Championships 2019

今週末、イギリスのインカレ、BUCS (British University and College Sports) に出場しました。毎年、11月に短水路、2月に長水路の大会が行われます。パラの選手にとっては数少ない短水路の大会になります。

I raced at the University Championships called BUCS this weekend. The BUCS short course is in November and the long course is in February every year. It is a  good opportunity for Para-swimmers who don’t normally race in short course to race.

今大会から?Speedoがスポンサーになり、名前も” Speedo and BUCS Short Course Swimming Championships 2019”になりました。

Speedo sponsors this competition from this time and the name becomes ”Speedo and BUCS Short Course Swimming Championships 2019”.


As a member of Team Speedo, I felt it became a home ground.😁

今回は、50m, 100m, 200m 自由形に出場しました。大会結果は下記の通りです。

I raced in the 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, and 200m freestyle and the results are as follows.


200m Freestyle  2.59.60  🥇

50m Freestyle  38.56  🥇

100m Freestyle  1.22.80  🥇 WR



In the BUCS, Para-swimmers race against all para-swimmers in all classifications through the point system. Luckily, I won the gold medal in all events I raced.

さらに、100m 自由形では短水路の世界新記録を樹立しました🙌。200m自由形では0.6秒世界記録に届かず、50m自由形では0.3秒世界記録に届かなかったので、100m自由形で世界記録を出せて嬉しかったです。

And I broke the World Record in the 100m freestyle! Woohoo🙌! I was happy to have broken after I got only 0.6 seconds outside the world record time in the 200m freestyle and 0.3 seconds outside in the 50m freestyle.

I won the trophy as a top male performance disability and got a speedo trolley bag as the prize!

Names of swimmers who have won the trophy are on the side.




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