BUCS Awards Dinner

金曜日のお話ですが、BUCS アワードディナーに出席するためにブリストルに行ってきました。

A little throwback to Friday evening, I went to Bristol for the BUCS Awards Dinner.


For some of you who don’t know what BUCS is, BUCS stands for the British Universities and Colleges Sport so it means like British University Championships.


I have been competing in them since my first year of Northumbria University and was thankfully nominated for the sportsman of the year this year.


One of the features of BUCS is that both able-bodied and disabled athletes compete and disabled athletes can also contribute to getting points for their University.


It is, so to speak, disabled university athletes in Japan can do at the Japanese University Championships! That is unreal!


Event though I didn’t win the award, I really enjoyed the dinner and after. I was drinking for more than seven hours out of fifteen hours of the stay in Bristol 😂 and have had a shot for the first time in my life!


Some photos.


[Dessert ( forgot taking a photo of the main 😂 )]

[Gorgeous ladies and a bartender ]


I will try not to be looked like a bartender next time! Haha.




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