A lecture at UCL

26日の金曜日に、UCLで行われたJapan Youth Challenge というシンポジウムにて、ゲストスピーカーの一人として、初めて英語で講演をさせて頂きました。

On Friday, the 26th of July, I gave a talk in English (for the first time) at the symposium called ”Japan Youth Challenge ” in UCL.

このシンポジウムはUCL大学主催で5年程前から日英の高校生向けに行われているそうで、今年はAccessibility for Allというテーマに沿って、スポーツ、AI、ロボット技術に関するゲストスピーカーが招かれて講演しました。

This symposium for high school students in Japan and the UK has been held since about 5 years ago, and, this year, guest speakers related to either sport, AI, or robotics gave talks according to the theme: Accessibility for All.


I talked to them about the differences between Japan and the UK in terms of disability sports/ disabled athletes from my experience in a Japanese university and a British University


I am happy if the audience got interested in Para-sports and the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games through my talk.



And on Saturday, I went to the British Museum before going back to Newcastle because the manga exhibition is currently held there. I will post about that next time!


Some photos:

[on my way to London]

[Looked away: I was supposed to take a photo but actually took a video 😂]

[In the lecture]

[at the stand-up dinner after all lectures]

[with a legend British Paralympian, Mr Noel.]



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