Results: World Series in Glasgow


It’s been a blast in Glasgow! All the races were finished yesterday and I have won 5 medals (3 golds and 2 silvers) and broken the World Record in the 100m Freestyle (S4)!



The results are as follows.

100m Freestyle (S4): 1.21.73 🥈 WR

150m Individual Medley (SM4): 2.47.26 🥇

200m Freestyle (S4): 3.00.52 🥈

50m Breaststroke (SB3): 50.14 🥇

50m Freestyle (S4): 38.09 🥇



Some of you might wonder why I got a silver medal in the 100m freestyle even though breaking the world record. The World Series is the competition racing against all swimmers in all categories through the multi-disability point system. A guy in the different category got a higher point than mine and therefore I won the silver medal.



A target of this competition was to survive 5 events for 4 days🏊‍♂️💦. Although I got great results in some events, I thought I would need to improve nutrition during the competition to keep in a good condition.



I would like to thank all of you who support and/or give me some comments when I broke the world record and won the medals.



Some photos.

At the medal ceremony of the 50m Ferestyle.

I had interviews.

With my teammate, Nakajima (we call him Nakaji).