Results: Indonesia 2018 Asian Para Games


I have come back from Indonesia where the Asian Para Games took place! 



First of all, I would like to thank you to all of them who have supported me for the games. 



And also I would like to express my appreciation to the APC and people in Indonesia that they held them with their warm welcome despite the great earthquake and tsunami that occurred the week before the games.



In the games, I am honoured to have been a captain of a delegation.



In terms of my races, as I already told in my last post, I have won 5 gold medals along with 5 new games records! Especially, I was glad to have won against a gold medalist in the Rio Paralympic Games.


結果/ Results

4x50m Free Relay 20p: 2,35,64 🥇/New Games Record

100m Freestyle S4 : 1,22,81 🥇/ New Games Record

200m Freestyle S4: 2,59,05 🥇/ New Games Record

50m Freestyle S4 : 37,76 🥇/Personal Best /New Games Record

50m Breaststroke SB3: 48,87 🥇/ New Games Record



The aquatic centre was filled by spectators and therefore the atmosphere was livened up. I was happy to have soaked it up!



Lastly, some photos taken in Indonesia are as follows!


With Ryo and Airi during the flight

With Sekiguchi san

Obara san

Before the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony

My foster mum came to watch my races!

My foster sister drew it on a flag.

Members of the relay.

With volunteers at the medal ceremony.

With Mikuni

And again with medals!

With Airi

With Koizumi san who is a Japanese trainer










Sakura on Airi in a chair 😂

With Monden san

Japanese chess matches took place after the APG!

Dolls I got in the ceremony.

Five golds!