IDM Berlin


Hi👋, I hope you are well!


6月17日から20日まで、ドイツ、ベルリンで行われたIDM Berlin という大会に出場していました。

I went to Berlin for the competition called the IDM Berlin.



I was a bit worried about participating in international competitions during the COVID 19 outbreak but did because I needed to earn race experiences more before the Tokyo Paralympic Games.



The results are as follows.


200m Freestyle. 2:53.88 🥈

100m Freestyle. 1:21.53  🥈 PB & AR

50m Freestyle. 37.47  🥈 PB & AR


2種目で自己ベスト更新&アジア新記録でした。200m 自由形でも、2019年の世界選手権で出したアジア記録に迫るタイムを出せました。

I got the personal best times in two events and broke the Asian Records in both! I am happy to have earned a similar result in the 200m Freestyle to the World Championships in 2019.



I am happy to have broken the Asian Record in the 50m Freestyle that Hanada-san held because I respect him and tried to get a faster time than his record.



All participants stayed in the same hotel, all of them had to take the rapid corona test before entering the pool every day, and they had to wear protective masks such as N95 masks to avoid infections.



However, there are risks to infections at the restaurant because it serves smorgasbords, and people spoke loud while eating.



During the competition, some people from Russia and Kazakhstan tested positive.



Fortunately, I had tested negative at all corona tests I had in Berlin, and I have not had any symptoms so far.


I came back to Newcastle on the 21st of June, and I am in quarantine according to the British government’s decision now.



After my quarantine ends, I start training again.


Lastly, I will show you the photos.

*The photo is from the paraswimming.



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  2. Hi Suzuki-san. I’m very impressed with your determination life. You’re a hero to me and I look up to you very much. You’re my inspiration to me. I hope you will live life happily and cherish each day in life. All the best in whatever that you pursue.

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